Hear Catfish and the Bottlemen playing new song ‘7’ in the Skype live Studio

Catfish and the Bottlemen (actually only singer Van McCann and guitarist Bondy) played an acoustic set at the Skype Live Studio for 101.9 KINK in Portland, United States. The set included an acoustic version of new song ‘7’ – the first track on new album ‘The Ride- , previously played in the UK tour last november. This is the first we can hear it in a good quality.

For more infos regarding Catfish’s second album ‘The Ride’ check out this: https://musicornerita.wordpress.com/2016/03/23/catfish-and-the-bottlemen-announce-second-album-the-ride/

On Skype Live Studio’s YouTube channel you can also listen to the other songs performed: Cocoon, Fallout and Business.