REVIEW: Sunflower Bean – “Human Ceremony” ★★★★



Artist: Sunflower Bean
City: New York City, USA.
Label: Fat Possum Records
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia
Released: 5 february, 2016.
Lenght: 38 mins
Rating: ★★★★

Sunflower Bean’s album ‘Human Ceremony’ is Music Corner’s Album of the Week. Another debut album after New Desert Blues’ “To Be On My Own”, but from an american band this time.

The Brooklyn trio plays “night music”, according to their Facebook Page, and formed in august 2013 by Julia Cumming (vocals, bass), Nick Kivlen (vocals, guitar) and Jacob Faber (drums).

On their debut album the band showed incredible maturity and a clear and recognizable sound with moody and heavy songs. Opening track “Human Ceremony” is one of the highlights and Kivlen’s work on the guitar is great as well as on “This Kind of Feeling”, “Wall Watcher” and “I Was Home”.

Solid start and solid record for Sunflower Bean. Buy it on iTunes or stream it down below.