Best New Music: 14 – 21 January 2016

A new year full of new and exciting music that you can appreciate with us. Like our Facebook page to keep yourselves updated. This is our 2016 playlist on Spotify constantly updated:

London trio Daughter released its second album ‘Not to Disappear’, read our review.

Music Corner’s favourite track is ‘New Ways’ that you can hear on Spotify on our playlist.

Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar joined forces on a new song called ‘No More Parties in LA’ produced by legendary Madlib. Unmissable.

Public Access T.V. is on fire. The New York band published yet another single as we are waiting for the debut album.

‘On Location‘ brings summer back again, if you like The Strokes you can’t miss this.

Tender made our list last week with ‘Afternoon’ and they’re back again with new track ‘Lost’.


Critically acclaimed R&B/Hip Hop album ‘Malibu‘ by Anderson .Paak dropped last 15 january and the song ‘Heart Don’t Stand a Chance’ is definitely something you need to hear.