REVIEW: Daughter – ‘Not to Disappear’

Artist: Daughter
Album: ‘Not to Disappear’
Label: 4AD
Released: January 15, 2016
Lenght: 47 mins.
Best track: ‘New Ways’
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London trio Daughter is back with their second LP ‘Not to Disappear’ released through independent label 4AD, part of the Beggars Group. In march 2013 Daughter made its debut into music with ‘If You Leave’ that charted at #16 in the UK Albums Chart.

Last september they released the first single ‘Doing the Right Thing’ followed by ‘Numbers’ in november. Since the beginning, with the first track ‘New Ways’, probably the best on the record, ‘Not to Disappear’ is a solid record. Elena Tonra’s vocals are just a bit repetitive through the album but at the same time deliver a “dark” feeling that is the leading atmosphere of the record. Track 7 ‘No Care’ brings a refreshing up-tempo in an otherwise completely stagnant LP with 9 songs out of 10 at the same speed.

‘Not to Disappear’ is a solid work with a clear sound for the London trio that will probably satisfy all of their fans while the absence of catchy songs makes it hard to bring it to mainstream.

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Schermata 2016-01-15 alle 13.52.15