A band you need to know – Temples (UK)

Temples are a british psychedelic rock band from Kattering (East Midlands).

Formed in mid 2012 by singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw (born in 1986), bassist Thomas Edward James Walmsley (born in 1988), keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Adam Thomas Smith (born in 1986) and drummer Samuel Lloyd Toms (born in 1989).

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The band released four self-produced tracks on youtube and Heavenly Records’ founder Jeff Barret agreed to release band’s first single “Shelter Song” in november 2012. A real gem.

Temples’ rise was quick and they got some praise from special fans like Noel Gallagher (“I’m too busy talking about Temples to reform Oasis”) and Johnny Marr as well who believe that Temples are the best british band right now. Straight after, in june 2013, Bagshaw and Walmsley (main composers) released second single “Colours to Life” and announced their first headline UK Tour for october. Previously the band supported Suede, Kasabian and The Vaccines and played major UK and European festivals.

Their first album, “Sun Structures”, was released in february 2014 and charted at #7 in UK, #10 in Ireland, #36 in Netherlands, #47 in Germany, #55 in Australia, #66 in France and #163 in the US. In the United Kingdom Sun Structures kept the Top 10 for one week only after falling at #33 in the second, #53 in the third and #77 in the fourth. A pretty good result for a new band like them who failed to get airplay on major stations. Even if “The Guesser” is the soundtrack of a pretty big commercial.

The self-produced album is one of the best works of the 2014. A real psychedelic rock gem. The next challenge for the british band is releasing a great follow-up and expand their fan-base. Temples announced multiple tour dates all around the world and it’s pretty hard to understand when we can expect their second album because they’re basically on tour since february 2014 and are enjoying a month off before starting a big tour on april 16 in Salt Lake City. No new album in 2015? We’ll see, in the meantime have a look at Sun Structures.

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